Katelyn Meyer

Education & Experience:

Katelyn began her career in esthetics training in 2005 after graduating from the renowned Aesthetic Science Institute in Latham, NY. Katelyn was blessed to discover her passion at such a young age; seeing the value in her work and the impact it has on people's lives. 

For 17 years Katelyn has developed her techniques through positions at Accent on Skin, Domani Day Spa, and Capital Skin Care.

As of May 2021, she opened the doors to a stunning wellness day spa in the heart of Latham inside Pinnacle Living which continues to thrive thanks to her technical, results-driven treatments and loving personality which has set her apart and led her to become the highly sought-after skincare guru she is today.

She is regarded as one of the best skin care professionals in the Capital Region, and has continually exceeded that reputation. Over thousands of clients have all touted Intuitive Touch Day Spa as their go-to destination for beautiful skin. 

Her "why":

Growing up, Katelyn struggled with hormonal acne. She became a makeup artist, using her skills to conceal the breakouts, but quickly realized she wanted to fix the issue. She decided to focus on skin care as opposed to cosmetology in order to remove her acne at the root cause. During her studies she became absolutely fascinated with skin care and has never held back her desire to learn, implement new techniques, grow as a person, and improve people's lives. She has worked with plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and highly trained estheticians resulting in phenomenal care and personal connections with her clients.  


Her mission:

As a beauty and wellness expert and a self-made powerhouse in the world of skincare, Katelyn understands the healing power of the human touch, and works to incorporate Reiki into all treatments.  She is a level 1 Reiki healer which allows her to include spiritual energy healing into her approach for total skin and body care. When you receive a facial from Katelyn, you will not only have amazing results, but also a deep sense of peace and relaxation.  


"It is my hope that you will feel welcome and valued, heard and understood, nurtured and cared for. Above all else, take good care of yourself and your wellbeing. I hope we will become an integral part of your journey!" - Katelyn Meyer 


Why are we different?

There is a personalized touch to everything that we offer at Intuitive Touch.
We are dedicated to making you feel special and taken care of.
Come experience peace and professionalism while our skin and hair care specialists serve you with the best customized beauty experience.

Relaxation with results!